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Our Frequently asked questions should help!


Planning your big day with your pooch? Do you have lots of questions to ask before you decide? Within this section we have listed some of the frequently asked questions and answers which should help you. 

Where are you based & what areas do you cover?

We are lucky enough to live off the canal in lovely, rural Trentham, Staffordshire.

No areas are off limits, all we ask you to be aware of is the additional travel costs you will incur, which we look to offset.

Main areas currently covered are across the West Midlands, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Leicestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire.


How long does it take to get a quote?

From the initial consultation we aim to have quotes landing in your in-box within 48hrs.

If, for whatever reason we feel this is unachievable, we will confirm that during the consultation.

Is our date guaranteed once we receive the quote?

No. Your wedding date is only secured once we have received your deposit and confirmation that you accept our Terms of Service.

We may have multiple quotes out for the same day and we have a first come first served basis policy in place. 

When and how do we pay?

To secure the date, you need to pay a 50% deposit up front and the remaining balance will need to be paid 7 days before your wedding date.

We can currently accept BACS transfer, cash, credit card for the deposit and can set up direct debits for any remaining balances if required.


Will you spend time with my dog before the wedding?

Yes. The health and welfare of every dog in our care is a key priority for us. Therefore each package has a minimum of 3 familiarisation/bonding sessions built in as standard.

Following the initial meeting and assessment, should you and I feel as though your dog would benefit from additional sessions, these can be added into the package at an additional cost of £15 per hour.

Proposed dates for the sessions will automatically be included in your initial quotes. We will only ask to change the dates if we need to book a wedding or there is an unexpected emergency.

However, we will also work with you to ensure the dates work for all of us. 

How long will my dog be taken care of on the wedding day?

This will depend on what your specific reqirements are, along with the package you have chosen.

For example, you may prefer that your dog is collected early due to your wedding preparations ie: hair/makeup so we could be with your dog from 9am.

Or you may want to have your dog with you right up until the meet and greet and would prefer to hand them over to us at the venue. Therefore it would be later in the day, an hour prior to the meet and greet (we always build in time for some exercise and fun).

If you have chosen overnight care, we may be  with your dog for 24 hrs.

We would discuss this during your initial consultation where we can get a better understanding of what you need so we can provide your bespoke service.

Whatever time we agree works best for you, the health and wellbeing of every dog in our care is the priority and for their actual involvement in the wedding we recommend 2 - 2.5hrs maximum. 

Please also note that for some dogs, being around lots of hustle and bustle, people coming and going and lots of noise eg: hairdriers, can actually aid in building stress; which in turn can make the day a lot more challenging for your beloved pooch. 


Can we have our dog there all day & night?

We know that every dog is unique and will respond differently to each situation.

However, a wedding, whilst wonderful, can also be very stimulating and potentially tiring for dogs, therefore we only recommend 2 - 2.5hrs  involvement in the actual wedding proceedings.

2 - 2.5hrs is ample time for your dog to be involved in meeting and greeting guests, in the ceremony, mingling during drinks reception and in photos.

Please note also, that most wedding venues will expect the dog to vacate the premisses just prior to the wedding breakfast.

If we are providing a pet sitting service for your dog at the venue we can bring them down to say hello to your evening guests - on the proviso:

- That they have had a few hours rest and sleep following participation in the wedding

- That we feel that in our expert opinion that they would be ok to do so

- That they would only attend for 15-20mins maximum to say hello

- That it is a timely slot which allows us to retire them back to their room for calming and settling down prior to leaving

The health and welfare of each and every dog in our care is the number one priority, therefore if we have any doubts around any of the above points, we would continue to care for your dog away from the evening reception.

Can our dog attend more than one venue?

Yes. For example - Many couples marry in church then move on to their chosen wedding venue for the reception. We take care off ALL logistics to ensure your dog attends both locations, or multiple if that's what you wish.

However, our priority is the health & wellbeing of all dogs in our care. Depending on how well they travel, their temperament, age & general health/ability, will reflect in the length of time involved at multiple locations. After all we want to make sure EVERYONE has a lovely day.

How do you care for my dog during the wedding?

We know that every dog is unique and will respond differently to each situation.

Prior to the day, we will have met and spent quality time with your dog a minimum of 3 times. We also suggest that one of the sessions takes place at the venue as this helps prepare your pooch better as it won't seem a completely strange place for them to be.

During the time allocated for your dog to be a part of your special day there are a number of activities we undertake such as:

- We would be exercising your dog prior to their direct involvement in the wedding. This usually takes place at the venue, however, if there is no sutiable sized area, we will look to make alternative arrnagements in a more suitable environment.

This way we can ensure they expell some of that excited energy, which can help them manage the day much better. Please note this is based on each individual dogs needs, their age, health and ability

- We will keep them entertained during key moments, whether with a fav toy, game or high value treat. And yes, we have a technique that ensures a treat can last a lot longer than usual!

This can also work really well for those pooches that are not used to being on lead for longer periods than usual and helps eliviate potential boredom. Although a wedding is a super happy place for a dog and we've yet to see a bored pooch in our care!

- We constantly monitor their body language to ensure they get regular toilet breaks, water refresh and general time out should they need to just shake it off and be a dog, before escorting them back to the wedding party.

The health and welfare of each and every dog in our care is the number one priority, therefore if we have any doubts around any of the above points, we would continue to care for your dog away from the wedding party.

Can we have more than one dog at the wedding?

Yes. We can cater for more than one dog and we are insured for up to 6 dogs maximum.

Can you help with additional family dogs not attending the wedding?

Yes. In addition to your own 'wedding day' pooch, we can cater for family dogs with pop in/walking services. This is on the proviso that they reside within close proximity to your own dog & will incur additional charges.

We can also provide overnight pet care for your dog & other family dogs providing they are either in your own home, the family members home, & that they get along well together.

What do you require for an overnight stay with our dog?

Just the basics really - Somewhere comfortable and suitable to sleep i.e.; a bed or comfy sofa bed, running water, heating and electricity and that your home is secure 🙂

You don't have to provide food as we bring our own. And if required, we can bring our own bedding too.

We are more than happy for you to use indoor camera's if it makes you feel more comfortable. However, under current GDPR domestic rules, we do request that privacy is provided in relevant areas of the house i.e. bathroom and bedroom and that all recordings are destroyed immediately following the overnight stay.

Whilst we do go through all details with you during the familiarisations sessions leading up to the big day - You do need to leave out the current up to date Vet card, your dogs Chip number, an alternative emergency number and any other clear instructions we may have not covered off in meetings.

We want a more Eco-friendly wedding, what can you offer?

A key aim for our business is to become a more sustainable and eco-friendly organisation and has been included in our strategy from day one.

We were also the first Wedding Chaperone/Pet Care business to pledge and sign up to the Gvt #RaceToNetZero campaign in Sept 2021. We, along with other small businesses are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping to reach the Gvt targets as of 2030.

We became a fully paperless business in June 2021 and launched our Giving Back campaign which you can read more about here

Since launching in 2017 we have continued to work with like minded companies to source 100% natural, sustainably produced dog treats and toys. All our current range of toys is 100% recycled and biodegradeable.

The cleaning products used to disinfect our pet taxi/leads etc are also 100% natural, pet friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

Even the display units we use at the artisan markets we attend, are either made out of cardboard, rattan or natural, unstained wood.

All our poop bags used and sold are degradable to a maximum of 12 months to completely disappear and we even have fully compostable bags that disintegrate within 4 months!

We have replaced light fittings/bulbs throughout the home (office) to LED, installed water butt and power down every eveing and where required, throughout the day.

We are currently focused on identifying our current carbon footprint so we can move forward to work more smartly and reduce this down. 

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