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Can we have our dog at the wedding all day & at the reception?

The health and welfare of your dog is paramount & our first priority, being involved in all the excitement can tire pooches quickly & can be quite overwhelming. From experience, we personally recommend between 1.5 - 2hrs maximum participation with the wedding party. In our experience this allows ample time for your dog/s to take part in activities, any photo shoot & for the wedding party to enjoy your dog/s

Where are you based?

We are based in Trentham, Staffordshire anything within a 40 miles radius of ST4 is covered within your standard Wedding Chaperone package. We charge the standard HMRC rate of £0.45 per mile for anything outside of that radius.

Please note - When we launched we had full GB coverage with our Wedding Chaperone Service. Over the years we have been addressing this to bring in line with our Green Policy development which you can read more of on our Giving Back page 

In the past 12 months we have been actively reducing our travel to reduce carbon emmissions and concentrate delivery across our immediate region.

In addition, as from June 2021 and ongoing, any mileage incurred over a 60 mile round trip radius, we will be offsetting our carbon emissions by planting additional trees through the Carbon Trust campaign. These additional tress are planted across the West Midlands in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

How much does it cost per mile over the initial 40 miles covered in packages?

Anything within a 40 miles radius of ST4 is covered within your standard price. We charge the standard HMRC rate of £0.45 per mile for anything outside of that radius. 

Which payment methods do you accept?

We can accept the following payment methods: cash, credit card, bank transfer or direct debit. 

Do we have to have everything as listed in the package?

No, we can be flexible. Every couple & their pooch is unique, as is there requirements & needs. During the initial meet & greet consultation we can discuss how much or how little you require & build the Pawfect pakcage to suit you all.

How many dogs can we have at the wedding?

We usually cater for up to 4 dogs maximum, with two handlers, this allows each handler to take great care and provide the attention and monitoring each dog requires. 

What wedding aftercare can you provide?

We can transport your dogs home or to their designated drop off point and stay with them for a couple of hours where we will play, walk, feed, water refresh and ensure they have toilet breaks and then finally settle them down.

All the above and extend the stay until 10pm in their own home, wedding venue, hotel or friend or family members home.

We can overnight board with them in their own home or friend or family member's home.

We can transport them safely to either a home boarding or kennel facility, there are some that we recommend so please do ask us.

We can also cater for other family dogs if required, again please do ask us.

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