That’s Pawfect Wedding Chaperone® Terms of Service updated 14.02.23

In the following Terms of Service, the service provider is referred to as That’s Pawfect and the owner of the pet as the Client.

1. By signing up to our service provision you automatically accept the Terms of Service as laid out below.

2. That’s Pawfect will not confirm any booking until an initial consultation has been carried out with the Client, that the agreed schedule of service delivery has been accepted, and once the 50% non-refundable deposit has been paid by the Client.

3. The deposit may be refunded  under extenuating circumstances (minus £50.00 for admin) such as illness or unfortunate death of the Clients pet. Or following assessing and monitoring throughout the familiarisation sessions and on That’s Pawfect’s professional, expert advice and belief that the animal is not able to attend the wedding/event.

4. Full payment for services (agreed either at the time of booking or subsequently) is to be made within 7 days of receipt of invoice or, by the date specified on the invoice. If payment is not made within this time there will be no service provision, and 3% of the total bill will be added for each day that payment is overdue. 

For overnight pet care provision

5. All items necessary for pets to be adequately cared for in the Client’s absence (i.e., food, bowls, medication, leads, tags, collars, bedding etc) must be provided by the Client. Any additional supplies required to deliver the pet care services fully, whilst in the care of That’s Pawfect, will be purchased and added to the final bill.

6. A name and contact number of someone capable of decisions relating to the pet in an emergency must be provided to That’s Pawfect by the Client. If the contact is not available, That’s Pawfect reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and then decide what is in the best interest of the animal. Every effort will be made by That’s Pawfect to contact the Client and update when necessary.

7. That’s Pawfect will take adequate steps to ensure your home is safe and secure in your absence, however, That’s Pawfect cannot be held responsible for any attempted or successful burglaries, nor any accidents caused by your pet.


8. The Client must ensure That’s Pawfect has access to their pets current vaccination certificate prior to any familiarisation sessions. The Client must provide proof or written confirmation that their pet is also on a regular flea/tick and worming regime. Initial vaccinations must be administered four weeks prior to walking. Subsequent booster vaccinations must be administered a minimum of 14 days prior to walking. Dogs must be fully vaccinated against Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Canine Parvovirus, Kennel Cough and any other relevant disease. That’s Pawfect reserve the right to refuse care of any pet where an up-to-date vet card is not provided and where there is no proof or confirmation that a regular flea/tick and worming regime is in place.

9. The Client is fully responsible for disclosing any of their pet’s behavioural challenges to That’s Pawfect during the initial consultation and should any behavioural changes develop leading up to any service provision. Failure to do so may result in additional charges incurred and cancellation of contract.

10. The Client is responsible for any veterinary bills whilst pets are in the care of That’s Pawfect.

11. All dogs will be walked on a lead unless prior agreement has been reached between That’s Pawfect and the Client.

12. That’s Pawfect will apply personal judgment and cut short any familiarisation walks if necessary, because of extreme weather conditions (i.e., heat, cold, thunderstorms, torrential rain), to ensure the safety of both the Client’s pet and That’s Pawfect employees.

13. Whilst That’s Pawfect holds full Public Liability Insurance, wherever possible, pets should be insured by the Client. That’s Pawfect have the right to refuse a booking for any animal which is not insured.

14. That’s Pawfect reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time and with immediate effect if the dog does not respond well or is deemed a danger to That’s Pawfect employees and other dogs.

15. In the event of either party becoming legally registered as physically, mentally, financially, legally or otherwise incapable of performing their contractual duties, or agreed obligations, the contract shall be immediately terminated. Any outstanding rights or obligations, including charges or refunds at the point of termination, shall be transferred to an officially appointed trustee. 

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