Planning an eco-friendlier wedding at your fingertips

Planning an eco-friendlier wedding at your fingertips

Getting married shouldn’t cost the earth, literally!

It’s a grey, cold, rainy day in September, we’ve put the fire on for the very first time this year! The boys are lying asleep, snoring, twitching, in front of the fire no doubt dreaming of running after squirrels and rabbits on Barlaston Downs. I have some downtime this week to take stock and complete a number of business future-proofing tasks which also includes writing up our Sustainability Commitment statement and I got to thinking………..

Eco friendly! Environment! Sustainability! Go Green! Words that have been sprinkled around for several years with a much heftier price tag attached to most actions and not always front of mind when planning your special day!

Once over we would’ve spent many hours trawling through specialist bridal magazines, relying on specific articles to help direct us in our quest to ‘do the right thing’, which only came along once in a blue moon. Or frantically typing into search engines trying to find every type of wedding supplier that had a more eco-conscious focus.

Making considered choices

But how times have changed. Now more than ever it’s easier and in most cases, cheaper to make those considered ‘weducated’ choices in a fraction of the time it takes to say, ‘I am planning an eco-friendly wedding!” Thanks to the likes of Sir David Attenborough, environmental activists, scientists, and governments, who have dedicated time, money, and focus to highlight the need to act sooner than later, more and more businesses big and small, are not only waking up to the importance and necessity of making changes, but some are also streets ahead ready and waiting to help you.

We’re one of those small businesses whose journey started back in 2017 to become a ‘greener’ business and we will continue to focus and develop our Sustainability Policy throughout the year. In the meantime, you can read more on what we already have in place here so you know your pooch needn’t miss out on your special day.

In addition, rather than me wasting time rewriting perfectly good advice, hints, and tips, I thought I would take a little time out to help by providing a list of key organisations you can check out when planning your Eco-friendlier wedding.

Everything you need is one click away (no need to travel – you’re already reducing your carbon footprint) from planning YOUR day in a way that helps to make a difference for the better, so sit back, click away, and enjoy #yourwelcome

Keep things simple

For a quick and easy option use, trusted, tried, and tested online directories that should be able to save you time and direct you to a range of more eco-friendly businesses.

Companies submitting information for their online listing will include key elements of their business that current trends highlight, using key buzz words and important environmental factors that customers are looking for.

These directories can include everything from sourcing venues to local food, to eco-friendly wedding gifts lists, wedding dresses and even your wedding rings.

Our favourite directories are:

Guides For Brides

Green Union


Hitched UK

Choose Your Venue

The Natural Wedding Company

Most of the above will also provide online planning tools so you can keep all your information, easily accessible in one place.

Keep it simple for your pooch

There are also several easy things you can do when looking to include your beloved dog in your special day without compromising your eco-conscience.

Want them to wear something new for the wedding – think about where you may source any new doggie attire. For example – Handmade Dog produces beautiful collars, leads and bowties made from ‘one-off’ unique tweeds that are woven by independent weavers on the Isles of Harris and Lewis

Using a Wedding Chaperone?

If you are using a dedicated professional pet care/Wedding Chaperone to take care of your dog, you can ask them a number of questions in advance eg:

  1. Check if they have any environmental policy in place? What/if anything are they doing already to make a difference?
  2. If they are not already doing so, ask them to use biodegradable/compostable poop bags when taking care of your dog.
  3. What environmentally friendly cleaning products are they using to clean vehicles?
  4. How are their standard systems and procedures helping the environment?
  5. If they also sell pet products that they may use at the wedding, what process or criteria do they have in place when sourcing/stocking products? Are they natural products, what about packaging etc?

Don’t be afraid to ask any of the above when planning to include your pooch. I know as a responsible business owner these questions wouldn’t phase me and in fact, I would welcome them as they are already ingrained into our ways of working.

Hopefully, you have found this article useful, I know it’s helped me given the task in hand currently!  Now it’s time for our boys to go out for their second walk of the day and for me to don my waterproofs again before feet up and a glass of vino!

Happy walking and planning folks! 

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