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                                                        PROUD to be the very 1st Pet Care/Wedding Chaperone                                                                business in the UK to take the Small Business Planet pledge to                                reach the Gvt Net Zero targets by 2030 & beyond


As long term dog owners and nature lovers, we know how lucky we are to have a business that allows us to share experiences with our favourite animals in the wonderful places we have right here on our doorstep.

In addition, we understand and appreciate how these green and wild areas can improve everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing; which proved invaluable during the pandemic.

That’s why our commitment to becoming a sustainable business includes dedicating funds to help key organisations that not only take care of our local woodlands and nature reserves, they also help in the fight against climate change.

Therefore, for every wedding booked, we will donate 1% of the total contract to be divided between The Woodland Trust and The staffordshire Wildlife Trust. 







However, this is just the start of our journey to become a sustainable business and we will continue to develop our strategy throughout the year. In the meantime you can read more on what we already have in place further down the page!

We may be a small business, but like everyone we all have a BIG responsibility to help address climate change and protect these priceless environments for us and future generations to enjoy.

You can keep up with how much has been donated to date via the FAQ’s below. Should you also wish to donate to either or both charities then please click on the donate button below and thankyou x








We are committed to making changes that matter!


How are you currently making a difference daily?

All our poop bags used and sold are completely biodegraded within 12 months, many other bio brands take 2-3 even 4 times longer to completely disappear. We also stock and use compostable bags that disintegrate within 4 months!

The cleaning products used to disinfect our pet taxi are 100% natural, pet and vegan friendly and completely cruelty free.

In June 2021 we became a fully paperless business, we don’t even use business cards or flyers.

We use 100% recycled bags for our sales products.

Our range of toys are ethically sourced, are completely package free, natural, renewable and recyclable.

Non of the treats we sell have any GM ingredients, they are ethically and sustainably sourced and produced and are 100% natural.

The dog food we sell is produced locally by the brand leader in cold pressed dog food manufacturing. Completely GM free and using only local ingredients with the lowest carbon footprint of any dog food manufacturer.

Even the display units we use at the artisan markets we attend, are either made out of cardboard, rattan or natural, reused, repurposed, recycled unstained wood.


What key business decisions have you taken to reduce your carbon footprint?

When we launched we had GB coverage with our Wedding Chaperone Service, over the years we have been actively reducing this to our immediate region. As from June 2021 and ongoing, any mileage incurred over a 100 mile round trip radius, we will be offsetting our carbon emissions by planting additional trees.

Where possible we are working from friends and family based in the areas that are further afield. This allows us to work more smartly, reduce the travel and is also more cost effective for the customer.

During Covid we proactively moved our initial no obligation face to face consultations online and will continue to do so for the forseeable.

Our dog walking and general pet care sessions have been condensed to a smaller, local and more manageable area; with smarter route planning, again reducing time spent travelling.

Work has started in our office (home!) with  a variety of changes to help improve our overall efficiency ie:

– New LED ceiling lights fitted in 50% of the home with more being replaced throughout the year. All free standing lamps already fitted with energy efficient bulbs

– Water butt fitted to help reduce water usuage outdoors

– We utilize our ‘grey water’ for cleaning outdoors/watering plants etc

– Currently reviewing quotes for replacing more energy efficient doors and windows

– Powering down on electrical items not in use

– Since June 2021 we have been a completely paperless company, we don’t even use business cards or flyers

More changes will be made across the next year to help us become even more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Why have you chosen to support these charities?

During the process of photosynthesis, trees take out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we breathe.

Trees are essential to maintaining our climate and biodeversity. Trees contribute to the global environment by improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife.

Both the Woodland Trust and The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust help to maintain our woodlands but are in need of financial support to continue their vital work.

Is your business aim to be carbon neutral?

Yes, we are aiming to becomming a carbon neutral business and this will be set out clearly in our Green Policy in due course.

To help us along this path we are one of the very 1st small businesses to have signed up to the Small Business Planet #Racetozero Campaign.

Small Business Planet is a campaign delivered by Small Business Britain to engage small businesses in climate action and encourage them to commit to making their business “net zero”.

This is part of the global initiative to #RaceToZero – to commit the planet to net zero emissions by 2050. The campaign’s primary focus is to encourage small businesses to commit to net zero and will help them make that commitment through a series of educational events, content and expert advice on how they can address their impact on emissions and reduce our collective impact on the planet.

How can we plan a more eco-friendly & sustainable wedding ?

There are lots of things you can do to make your big day eco-friendly and sustainable without stressing yourself out. You can start with just a few little things that can help make a difference or go all out to have a complete ECO-friendly wedding that you feel is necessary.

You can read our Blog for more advice and here are just a few hints and tips to get you thinking during the planning process and please do talk to us about more ECO ideas and advice as we have lots to share!

Venue – Look for a venue that is part of the GTBS (Green Tourism Business Scheme) this will ensure that they are operating sustainably. Choose local – Travel for weddings usually has the greatest carbon footprint, so by choosing a local venue you could be helping friends and family members to reduce their carbon footprint.

Travel – Even better if your venue is close to good public transport routes for buses and trains. Think about asking your loved ones to car share. Summer wedding (yes I know we can’t always guarantee the weather) – Can the wedding party walk from the church to the venue for the reception? If air travel is involved suggest your guests can offset their air travel. Hire an electric minibus for your guests.

Food & flowers – Source locally and in season is a guaranteed way of ensuring sustainability but not all venues do this. Good to check first-hand with them and ask what flexibility is there for using your local butcher, greengrocer, farmers, growers and florists.

Wedding Gift List – There are so many ‘green’ gift ideas out there you will be spoilt for choice or you could choose a charity that has a specific campaign you feel strongly about eg: The Woodland Trust or your local Wildlife Trust

How much have you raised for the chosen charities?

To date we have raised £521

Our Green Spaces

We’re so lucky to have some wonderful green spaces right on our doorstep which we enjoy and appreciated every day. The images below were taken in Hem Heath Woods, Ferndown Nature Reserve and Barlaston Downs, our local dog walking areas of beauty! Lucky pupsters we are!

Whatever stage your business is in whether a start up, a young company still in growth or a well established brand; I believe that now, more than ever we all have a clear responsibility to look at how our business practices impact on the environment around us and across the planet!

Our dedication to becoming a sustainable business was a clear focus from the outset. Now, like 100’s of other responsible businesses, we are in a position to start making the additional changes we feel are necessary, to help make a difference for the short, medium and long term benefits for all.

We started our #Racetonetzero journey back in Sept 2021 when we became the very first pet care/wedding chaperone business in the UK to take the Small Business Planet pledge.

Supporting our two chosen environmental charities will also provide additional funding to support their ongoing important and essential work that helps to tackle climate change.

In addition to supporting the two chosen charities named above and to help address our carbon offsetting requirements, we have also committed to Carbon Footprint ™ and their Pledge a Tree campaign for our West Midlands home region. Through this vital campaign, Carbon Footprint ™ use the local knowledge and expertise of tree planting partners to ensure the right trees are planted in the appropriate places. The trees are predominantly planted in school grounds, reserves and managed woodland where they will live their natural lifespan and meet their biodiversity targets.

We are aiming to plant a tree for every pet care customer we have with the aim of planting our very own West Midlands forest over the years to come! And to us That’s Pawfect!

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