A business borne from the love of dogs

A business borne from the love of dogs

They say you should never work with children or animals and whilst I admit there are some challenges, I do not agree with the statement!

In my previous role, working with a fab education team producing resources for all age groups, where we actually involved and empowered children, we produced some of our greatest work; which I am proud to say is the legacy today. And now I get to work with the greatest love (other than hubby of course) of my life, dogs – and I can honestly say it is the most fulfilling and rewarding job I have ever had.

As long-term dog owners ourselves, myself and hubby understand and appreciate how much they are a part of the family and we look to involve our boys, Oscar and Barney (two jolly Golden Retrievers) in as many activities with us as possible! We take them on holiday with us, to the pub (must admit trying to get Oscar past a couple of our locals can be a tad embarrassing at times!), hiking, shopping where possible and I have even taken them to business meetings and they love supporting us at wedding fayres! We try to give them as many shared experiences that we can enjoy as a family unit and then treasure those memories forever.

That’s why when we registered the business back in 2015 there was never any question or doubt that we would look to provide a service that ensures your furbaby, along with all other family and loved ones can take part in one of the big, if not the biggest days of your life! I can honestly say that Oscar was the key inspiration and when Barney came along, he just cemented the idea and the That’s Pawfect Wedding Chaperone® service was born.

two Golden Retrievers by the canal

For many couples, their dog is their first baby together. It cements their relationship like no other and through sharing the responsibility of owning a dog, helps to build the foundations for the future together. Owning a dog means that you have to work on your communication skills, develop a ‘team working’ environment and there’s always an element of compromise, hence you have the makings of some great building blocks towards getting married and introducing children into the mix! 

Therefore having your dog (first baby) involved on your Wedding Day seems only natural, doesn’t it! Not only that, but it’s also so wonderful to experience the look on the wedding party’s faces, to hear the aah’s and ooh’s as they get to appreciate that special moment when a dog appears. Witnessing how each couple and their furry family member interact to make lifetime memories to share is completely priceless and something I will never tire of.

Bride kneeling and laughing whilst cuddling her dog at her wedding

We’re extremely proud! Proud to have launched the first-ever bespoke Chaperone service in the UK. Proud to have worked for some lovely couples and their dogs over the years and even more proud to achieve a consistent 5-star customer service rating since launch. We’ve also been nominated by our couples in The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) for the past four years, and super PROUD for winning the West Regional Finals 2021 – 2024 and receiving Highly Commended in 2023 & 2024!

I am extremely lucky and appreciated the fact that I am now with dogs 7 days a week/52 weeks of the year, from very small ones to great big tall ones and everything in-between. Working and living with dogs every day is never dull and is so rewarding. They constantly surprise me with their quirky natures, their ability to learn and adapt, and the never-ending love and support they provide for their owners.

That’s Pawfect Wedding Chaperone®– “We take the lead whilst you’re tying the knot!”

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